Registration & Fee | 注册详情

Registration Procedure | 注册流程

The detailed registration procedure for authors and presenters can be found in the notification letter. For listeners, please contact the conference secretary by email. When you submit the registration materials, the conference secretary will contact you within 2 or 3 workdays to confirm your registration.

*Regular Registration Process 普通注册流程

Step 1) Download and complete the Registration Form. 下载并完成注册表

Step 2) Finish the payment of Registration fee.( The payment information can be found in Registration Form) 完成汇款(汇款信息详见注册表)

Step 3)  Send your final papers (both doc and pdf format), filled registration form (doc format) and the scanned payment proof to conference e-mail box. 发送文章终稿(doc. & pdf.) 、注册表、付款凭证到会议邮箱。

If you have problems with the registration please feel free to contact the PEPSC 2023 conference specialist first.

*On-site Registration

Step 1) Download and complete the Registration Form. 下载并完成注册表

Step 2) Send your final papers (both doc and pdf format), filled registration form (doc format) to conference e-mail box. 发送文章终稿(doc. & pdf.) 、注册表到会议邮箱。

Step 3) Make the payment at the on-site registration desk. (Cash, Unionpay Card are acceptable)

Registration Fee | 注册费

Categories   Early Registration 早鸟价
(By July 30, 2023) 
Regular Registration 常规注册
(Between July 30- Sept. 30, 2023) 
Onsite Registration 现场注册
Author (Regular)
550USD / 3500CNY  600USD / 3900CNY 650USD/ 4200CNY
Author (IEEE Member)
530USD / 3400CNY  580USD / 3700CNY  630USD / 4000CNY  
Author (Student)
450USD / 2900CNY  500USD / 3200CNY   550USD / 3500CNY  
300USD / 2000CNY   350USD / 2300CNY   400USD / 2600CNY  
Additional Page (Over 5 pages)
70 USD / 400CNY  70 USD / 400CNY  70 USD / 400CNY 

Payment Method:

1) Paypal;2) Bank transfer 银行汇款 ;3) AliyPay\Wechat Pay 支付宝\微信

Please contact conference secretary for more information.

After making payment, please send the required documents to to complete the registration.

Registration Type | 注册类型

  • Authors: Submitting full paper to publish in conference proceeding and present your research on the conference. 提交摘要或全文,并在会上作报告。
  • Student Author: Providing a valid certificate from their departments(only for the first author).第一作者为学生,且提供学生身份的有效证明。
  • IEEE Member: Provide a valid member ID.需提供有效IEEE会员编号。 
  • Presenter: Submit abstract, present it on the conference, without publication. 提交摘要,在会议上展示,不发表。 
  • Additional Page: Accepted papers within 5 pages can be published free of charge, extra pages which exceed 5 should be paid at 70 USD/ page. 会议收录的论文可免费出版在会议论文集中,免费出版页数为5页。如超过5页需要缴纳超页费,400元/页。
  • Listeners: Attend the conference only, without submission and publication.只参会,不提交文章,不作报告。

NOTES | 注册须知

1) The papers will be published online.

2) Registration of paper must be done by one of author(s) of paper. Presentation of paper must be done by one of author(s) of the paper. Otherwise the paper cannot be included into the conference proceedings.

3) The papers which are not presented by the registered authors CANNOT be considered for the post-conference publications (i.e. for special issue and regular issue journals).

4) Your registration will be confirmed when the payment of the registration fee is received by the Organizers.

5) All registered participants MUST carry their Participants Card during the event. Otherwise they are not allowed to enter the halls, coffee breaks, lunches and social activities.

6) The conference organizer is not responsible for any accomodation process. You can seek your hotel on your own.

Refund/Cancellation Policy | 退款/取消政策

Registration cancellations must be notified in writing to the conference specialist via e-mail.

2. Registration cancellations are made prior to Oct. 28, 2023, 70% of the registration fee will be returned.

3. There are no refunds on meeting registrations, social events and tours for cancellations after Oct. 28, 2023(including Oct. 28, 2023).

4. Personal Reason: The organizer cannot refund or pay any compensation where could not attend the conference or paper withdrawn is prevented by reason of circumstances which amount to “personal reason”.
个人原因: 如果由于“个人原因”导致无法参加会议或撤稿的情况,会议主办方无法退款或支付任何补偿。

5. Force Majeure: The organizer cannot accept responsibility, refund or pay any compensation where the performance of the conference is prevented or affected by reason of circumstances which amount to “force majeure”. Circumstances amounting to “force majeure” include any event which we could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid, include natural disasters, war, terrorist activity, epidemic, etc. and all similar situations beyond our control.
如果由于“不可抗力”的情况而阻止或影响了会议的进行,会议主办方不承担任何责任,退款或支付任何赔偿。构成“不可抗力”的情况包括即使有充分的注意,也无法预见或避免的任何事件, 包括自然灾害,战争,恐怖活动,流行病等和我们无法控制的所有类似情形。

6. Conference Date, Place and Form Statement: The organizer reserves the right to change the date, place and form of the conference under the reason of amount to “force majeure” circumstances. The participants of the conference are obliged to cooperate with the organizer's change and refund policy.

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